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Equipment at the cutting edge of technology

Osmozis develops their own technology and engineering to be at the forefront of technology and offers to their partners quality equipments and mastered systems.

In constant attention of its partners and guests, Osmozis develops its services to facilitate the management of the campsite and provide the best service to your clients. Based on the WiFi system already in place Osmozis provides numerous services designed by Osmozis employed engineers.

A multi-services WiFi network, a flexible solution, simple and without surprise

Osmozis quality

Osmozis advises you and brings experience to guarantee you optimal WiFi cover across your site. Having the technology developed and manufactured in-house, is a sign of quality. The equipment is regularly updated allowing you to benefit from up to date technology.

The surveillance and the maintenance of your equipment

The Support service stays on stand-by regarding your equipment 24h/24. Those responsible for installation, Osmozis employees, are regularly informed of updates and are able to intervene as soon as possible if necessary.

The training of your staff

So that every installed service is able to run smoothly, Osmozis provides training to the camping staff.

A hotline

Customer service, in 6 languages (French, English, Spanish, Dutch, German and Italian), for you and your clients, available 7d/7, throughout the year, 363/365 days.

Your tools

A homepage of connection created to your image, translated into 6 langages.
Communication materials (stickers, posters …).
A listing on the website wificamping.com.

Osmozis provides full services to equip your site

  • Study and site engineering
  • Installation of equipment on-site
  • Installation and calibration of antennas
  • Configuration of the wireless network
  • Customization of your access page
  • Training
  • Maintenance
Establishment of a turnkey system for up to 5 weeks after approval!
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Osmozis - Wireless Multi-service Network
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